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Dear friends!

We are glad to present the magazine "Horse World" - a leading specialist magazine about horses and equestrian life in our country and the world. The magazine "Horse World" for over 15 years in the Russian market, he managed to build its audience, earning a reputation as a serious publication, and to occupy a leading place among the country's equestrian magazines.

The magazine "Horse World" - a 128 color pages, the best photos, individual style and design of each room. The authors - leading experts in the field of hippology and professional journalists, people who are not indifferent to the fate of the domestic horse breeding and equestrian sports and horse striving to improve the culture in our country. A large section in each issue is always devoted to the main sports events in the world and our country. We tried to make the lives of our pets better, talking about the proper care and maintenance of the most competent sources. We are open and ready for the various forms of cooperation! Write, call, will be glad to build together with you!

For more information about the journal can be found in attachment.

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